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5'9", 170 lbs
27 years
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hawti is looking for

a relationship in USA with someone between 37 and 99 years of age

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hawti speaks English.

I'm creative, kind, curious, funny, intelligent. Enjoy sophisticated stuff, silly stuff & all in between. All the usual suspects: travel, wine, dining, music (all genres!), theater, good friends,cooking, walking,comedy, movies.

I'd prefer to chat over a wine or a coffee as opposed to endless online banter.

Ultimately looking for a partner in crime.

Hate apps but seems they are a necessary evil these days. So be kind and realise these aren't just profiles - they're people. Just because there's no attraction or your aims are different doesn't negate the need for respect. Thanks for checking me out!!!

NOT looking for HOOKUPS!

Do NOT make a judgement of me before you actually took the time to know me!

I'm looking for something serious and Long Term. Kind of hard to find these days, but there is that 1 person for me.More about Chemistry is what matters to me than just sex, and a first kiss should give you the idea of whether there is a spark or not.

If this is SIMILAR to what you're searching for, please do send me a message.