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West Virginia
5'11", 225 lbs
58 years
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a relationship in USA with someone between 25 and 55 years of age

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agr8guywv speaks English and is not in a relationship.

DO NOT ASK for my email or phone number OR expect me to write to you in your email until I get to know you! If you are just seeking contact information--keep moving!!! NO PHOTO__ NO REPLY LOOKING FOR LTR.

DO NOT ask for money or things! It is NOT going to happen!

DO NOT expect a response if you have no photo or have any means of becoming an American Citizen. Also, If "discreet" is how you want to live, we will not get along ( I am not looking to hide who I am) . Also if the word"straight acting" is part of your vocabulary, we also will not get along ( i am not looking for actors-- but rather for someone real.)

I'm looking for MR. RIGHT!!! Is there that person exists. But I'm not looking for a dog Who wants to hump every tree he sees. If you are that guy, don't even bother please. I know, I deserve better than that, that would make my life complete. I'm looking for MR.NICE GUY, To share the things together, The kindness in the heart, Who makes me smile and laugh, Who have respect and love, Who places his man first. Who likes to watch movies and cuddle, Who's passionate, romantic and kind. Who likes to bring flowers sometimes, Who supports his man in anything he does, Who doesn't cheat and lie, Who doesn't break his promises, I think that is a plus. Who wont degrade his man in the cussing words, Nor will he ever put his hands on him in anger and maybe worse, Who doesn't deny you and would like to spent time with you and wont get sick of you. Who doesn't judge the book by the cover, Who wouldn't use his friendship card to try to get what he wants, I've met a lot of guys, Who are cheaters, arrogant, lairs and just not nice. Who's only using people and not being true. I hope to find a guy Who's caring, loving, kind. Is there such a man that exist?